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Original OSNews Interviews A few weeks ago, we asked for the OSNews community to help with some questions we were going to ask Aaron Griffin from the Arch Linux team, and the response was glorious and somewhat phenomenal. We added those questions to our own and sent them on over, and then we were surprised by receiving not only Aaron Griffin's responses but answers from various individuals from the team.
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It's just software
by ngnr on Mon 11th Jan 2010 20:22 UTC
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What's the biggest challenge facing the overall Linux movement today? What's your prescription for addressing it?

Aaron Griffin: Attitude. People have crazy attitudes about Linux and free software in general. Some people act like it's some sort of holy grail that's going to save us from global warming, swine flu, and World War III. It's just software. Get off the high horse.

This is one of the most intelligent statements I have read in a long time.

I would like to add that his opinion is valid for software industry in general (Other operating systems, web browsers, word processors, etc).. It's just software.

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