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Multimedia, AV I followed the hype: Reddit, Slashdot's front page, months of thumbs up on my blog and various video forums by Linux users for OpenShot. Given that I'm longing for a usable Linux video editor since 2003, and given that OpenShot version 1.0 had just been released, I naturally gave it a go, by also downloading its provided dependencies on my Ubuntu Linux 9.10.
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My own tests
by Elv13 on Tue 12th Jan 2010 01:42 UTC
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I am a cinelerra user for most video. The CV branch is my favorite videa editor when compiled on a stable environement (I have to use a VM, because it is kind of hard to keep it sane enough that cinelerra stay open for more than a minute). The features are there and work, including more advanced like chroma (blue screens).

Jashaka gave me a lot of hope some years ago, but that POS was a mess and I never really understood how it work.

Kino is great for quick DV editing. It is by far easier than Windows Movie Maker and as easier as iMovie. It also have some transitions and plugins, but the only compatible format is DV and it is too linear, you can trim individual clips and change order, but that's pretty much it.

KDenLive have never been stable for me, until I tested it again 3 days ago, and it worked (for once... I follow that project since 5 years). The editing was easy and the interface is similar to OpenShot/WMM/iMovie 03-06 and most "consumer" video editor. It lack the powerfull feature of Cinelerra, but the interface is less terrible. It is flexible, you can ajust the UI as you like and after all, it work!

However, Cinelerra is still by far my favorite.

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