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Original OSNews Interviews A few weeks ago, we asked for the OSNews community to help with some questions we were going to ask Aaron Griffin from the Arch Linux team, and the response was glorious and somewhat phenomenal. We added those questions to our own and sent them on over, and then we were surprised by receiving not only Aaron Griffin's responses but answers from various individuals from the team.
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RE[2]: Ugh
by nt_jerkface on Tue 12th Jan 2010 15:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Ugh"
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I don't know what you do with your time but it's likely a lot of people would consider it a total waste of man-hours. Similarly you might consider whatever I do with my time a total waste of man-hours as well.

It's not a question of one's hobbies, it's a question of whether or not it makes sense to have distro teams spending most of their time preparing packages when there is a common goal of greater improvement.

On the plus side we end up with a huge choice of distros to play with til we finally find one that fits us perfectly.

There's a surplus of general purpose distros that don't do anything to distinguish themselves over the others. Most of them might as well be theme packs. You said you liked arch linux because of quality but that is what everyone says about their favorite general purpose distro.

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