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Graphics, User Interfaces Every now and then on OSNews, we discuss typography and language. Despite the fact that many think it's not relevant for computing - it most certainly is. Whether you're browsing the web, reading email, or chatting over IM - the most common element on your computer screen is typography. Today, I want to discuss something we barely have in my native language: small capitals.
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"Always use my fonts..."
by cjcoats on Tue 12th Jan 2010 16:24 UTC
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And some of us have been so disgusted about what
so-called web designers do that we set stringent
rules about the display of fonts: what font to use,
and what minimum sizes are, etc.

The PITA is that CSS can subvert some of this.
Which IMNHO is obnoxious, too. Any guesses why
"Zap style sheets" is the very most-used button
on my browser?

I know what my eyes can read on my screen: J Random Idiot doesn't have a clue.

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