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Multimedia, AV I followed the hype: Reddit, Slashdot's front page, months of thumbs up on my blog and various video forums by Linux users for OpenShot. Given that I'm longing for a usable Linux video editor since 2003, and given that OpenShot version 1.0 had just been released, I naturally gave it a go, by also downloading its provided dependencies on my Ubuntu Linux 9.10.
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RE[4]: A common problem
by wargum on Tue 12th Jan 2010 17:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: A common problem"
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The OP of this sub-thread was trying to suggest that Linux media software is inferior. Of course, as you admit, Linux software is quite the opposite -- high end. The OP didn't make any assertions regarding the volume of users.

So there is a NLE for Linux for the cost of a new car. I didn't know that, you score. I should have made clearer that I don't talk about the ultra high end but something that an average joe or prosumer/hobbyist can buy.

"If Cinepaint is so great, why isn't it bundled in most distributions?

It is bundled with a many of them, and it is certainly in all of the major repositories.

Really? Correct me if I missed something, but what I found out is that it is very difficult do get a package for a current distribution. Even specialized ones like UbuntuStudio lack Cinepaint. This is a quote from their website, that explains why:
CinePaint was removed from Debian lenny (testing) because Debian has dropped support for GTK1. CinePaint GTK2 exists and Debian packaging work is being done by Aedan Kelly. Experimental debs are [u]here.[/u]

So to me it looks like it is all a big mess right now. But again, correct me if I am wrong.

No... This is very, very good. Yes, Piranha is super high end -- $200,000+. Ant is probably less expensive, maybe $10,000-$15,000.

Talking about niches... See my comment above.

"Ardour is NOT a fully featured DAW like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase etc. It has nothing to offer for MIDI.

Actually, I appears that it already has some MIDI functionality and in that regard is developing fast. Is that all?
I wait another 3 years and then look at it again. Meanwhile, I do some music with Logic Pro and all these Plug-Ins.

"GIMP's GUI is awkward, that's common sense.

That is not common sense -- that is a common myth.

Specific examples, please.
For me, the most annoying thing are the free floating windows. But the last thing I heard is that they implement an MDI for the next major version. I am glad Adobe recently changed PSE to MDI on the Mac, too.

Ummm, maybe they don't have a laptop.

A software for the cost of a car and then no money for a laptop?

Or maybe, they don't want to carry a laptop. Or perhaps they are traveling to a location where there is a computer which is more powerful than one's laptop, so it would be easier/faster to use the live CD/USB, etc.

This all seems so made up by you. How can you know that the Live CD will work on a different computer? And what if you need some more/different drivers? Again, looks made up. For me, the only use cases for Live CDs are 'safer' internet access, or administrative tasks like repair file systems, recover/save data and virus search.

If your time is so important, why are you wasting it on inferior software, such as FCP? -- spend the money and get Ant!

I wonder how so many people can produce awesome results with FCP, Premiere or AVID products.

I don't do much video editing, iMovie is fine for my needs.

You have only named one concrete OSS problem -- Ardour's temporary lack of MIDI functionality. You are going to have to come up with more examples than that one, if you expect to characterize Linux and OSS as "problematic."

Huh? You should have read my original post and name some other products other than a NLE for the cost of a new car. GIMP is debatable, Cinepaint seems to be a bad example, as mentioned above. There is no such thing as Cubase. What about DVD authoring? What about a decent video editor for the rest of us? What if you hate Blender's UI or?

By the way, there is no 64-bit Photoshop functionality on the Mac platform, so that cancels out your point about Ardour and MIDI.

What can't be done with PS 32 bit? And that will probably change this year with the release of CS5. Premiere will be fully 64 bit, too and come with the awesome looking Mercury Playback Engine. Of course it'll be much less than $10,000.

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