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OS/2 and eComStation We're already nine days into the year 2010, and yet, eComStation 2.0 has not yet been released. The final release should've been released before the end of 2009, but December 31 came, and no release. Luckily, the eComStation team has released a statement, saying that the final release is definitely around the corner.
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RE[7]: eCS 2.0
by rcsteiner on Tue 12th Jan 2010 23:25 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: eCS 2.0"
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The OS/2 CONFIG.SYS shares the name with the file used by DOS (mainly for historical reasons), but the contents are quite different.

AUTOEXEC.BAT is only used in OS/2 Virtual DOS Machines, which are independent processes running under the OS/2 kernel which emulator a DOS kernel and the core DOS device drivers (mouse, serial, and so on). It can be named anything, really, and each VDM can have its own.

Not that much different from running DOSEMU under Linux except for the fact that DOSEMU isn't as well integrated with the system in most Linux distros, and OS/2 VDMs are somewhat more flexible still.

The OS/2 Windows subsystem (WinOS2) also runs in a VDM. It isn't a Windows API translator ... it's a licensed and partially rewritten copy of Windows 3.11 with various fixes applied that runs as a DPMI client inside a VDM.

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