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Graphics, User Interfaces Every now and then on OSNews, we discuss typography and language. Despite the fact that many think it's not relevant for computing - it most certainly is. Whether you're browsing the web, reading email, or chatting over IM - the most common element on your computer screen is typography. Today, I want to discuss something we barely have in my native language: small capitals.
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by Kalessin on Wed 13th Jan 2010 00:45 UTC
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Well, as someone who is not particularly typeface or font savvy, I must say that small caps seems rather ugly. They're rather jarring and just don't feel like they fit in with the rest of the text. Maybe that makes sense with things like mathematical formulas, but for acronyms? They're used for too much these days for it to make much sense to try and distinguish them like that. I mean, you wouldn't do that with a regular name, would you? Really, how is NATO different from Novell? Why should one be in small caps and the other in the normal font?

I just find it ugly and pointless. It seems like the kind of thing that typographic geeks would care a lot about, but personally, I don't like small caps at all.

And as for the web, I agree with Thom that we don't need more complexity. Web pages already tend to bad enough as is, and browsers have a hard enough time rendering things properly with complicating them that much further.

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