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Microsoft Upgrade prices were mysteriously absent from Microsoft's Office 2010 pricing information, which they revealed last week. The upgrade versions of Office have been removed in an attempt to simplify the purchase process for customers, but sadly, it only makes matters more complicated. Simplification -you're doing it wrong.
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RE[4]: Green
by AlexandreAM on Wed 13th Jan 2010 06:20 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Green"
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"Linux is killing itself on netbooks because it sucks balls."

Man, Linux is stable, it can also suck balls. Win-win situation, why don't people get Linux on their netbook/s, it has nothing but advantages.

You see, that could be used to try to prove the point that those using windows, obviously, have no balls to keep up with Linux!

Now, just to be precise: I don't really mean it, I just think the cue was too damn good to miss the joke. Now I apologize ;)

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