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Graphics, User Interfaces Every now and then on OSNews, we discuss typography and language. Despite the fact that many think it's not relevant for computing - it most certainly is. Whether you're browsing the web, reading email, or chatting over IM - the most common element on your computer screen is typography. Today, I want to discuss something we barely have in my native language: small capitals.
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Interesting to know
by Aankhen on Wed 13th Jan 2010 07:26 UTC
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I never really thought about small caps up until now, beyond “hey, that looks kinda cool”. After reading this and pondering the topic for a while from a typographical point of view, I think I agree. No more small caps for me.

A couple of tangentially-related (to the article) comments. Your blog’s header has red text on a black and white photo. I found that pretty hard to read, which seemed somewhat ironical given the context. :-P As for the OSNews redesign, any chance you guys might start using ‘em’ for emphasis, ‘strong’ for stronger emphasis and ‘blockquote’ for quotes, rather than relying on typographical conventions to represent everything?

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