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Microsoft Upgrade prices were mysteriously absent from Microsoft's Office 2010 pricing information, which they revealed last week. The upgrade versions of Office have been removed in an attempt to simplify the purchase process for customers, but sadly, it only makes matters more complicated. Simplification -you're doing it wrong.
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RE: Not me
by kvarbanov on Wed 13th Jan 2010 12:08 UTC in reply to "Not me"
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+1 - unless they give me a free copy, I won't be considering it. Personally I found Office 2007 more complicated to use than 2003, so I switched back to OO. It works for me, and it doesn't take 4 minutes walking around the menus to find some simple functions. You can call me stupid or inexperienced with Office, and you may be right ;) but I still find OO better suit my usage. Matter of choice though. And not to forget the ridiculous OOXML ISO standard, and especially the way it became standard - another reason not to use the MS product.

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