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Google So, I was about to go to bed when major news regarding Google and China hit my browser. Google has stated on its blog that after a number of attacks upon Google's servers, and attempted cracking of GMail accounts from Chinese human rights activists, the company is thinking of ceasing its operations in China. Google will, in any case, cease censoring search results on
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RE[3]: Less evil?
by boblowski on Wed 13th Jan 2010 15:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Less evil?"
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That's also a gross simplification of people's sentiments in China. Otherwise, terms like "harmonized", "50-cent party" and "very erotic, very violent" wouldn't be so popular on Chinese forums (and not just forums discussing politics and news).

Yes, I'm familiar with those terms, but distrust of government and a preference for clear authoritarian societal structures are not mutually exclusive. Very few Chinese took issue with Jackie Chan's remarks regarding the 'chaos' in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Or to put it in perspective: most GOP members profess a profound distrust for anything government, but seem to have no problem with increased spending for a 'secure' (the Chinese government would call it 'harmonic') society.

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