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Google So, I was about to go to bed when major news regarding Google and China hit my browser. Google has stated on its blog that after a number of attacks upon Google's servers, and attempted cracking of GMail accounts from Chinese human rights activists, the company is thinking of ceasing its operations in China. Google will, in any case, cease censoring search results on
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by mithnae on Wed 13th Jan 2010 17:01 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Interesting......."
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Say, Nazis used Katyn as a propaganda, Poles use solely Nazis interpretation and noone cares about 20-25 thousand of Soviet POWs that died in Polish camps in 1920.
Sure sounds different from that Stalinists killed 20 thousands of Polish POWs in 1939?
It is not the war of facts, it is war of interpretations.

A dare to differ - facts are just this - facts: talking about using Nazi interpretation in case of presence of this very document: is ridiculous - I doubt there is a place for any interpretation here.

Trying to compare the fate of 19.000 polish POWs - soldiers of invaded country - killed with a shot in the back of their head in April and May of 1940 with a fate of 18.000 or 20.000 soviet POWs - soldiers of invading country - that died in several polish camps during the period of 3 years mostly because of epidemic diseases (with comparable number of polish POWs dying of the same causes during the same period in soviet camps) - is simply outrageous and abominable.
Or maybe for you "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic" and indeed it is statistics that you are trying to compare here?

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