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Graphics, User Interfaces "Imagine that you are a super-successful movie director, who's been given hundreds of millions of dollars and lots of whiz-bang technology to make a cinematic epic. Sounds good? Not once you are told that people will have to watch it on fuzzy old black and white television sets. Something similar happens to the text that appears on your computer screen whenever you log on to a Web site. The site's owner has so little control over the fine details of what you will see that the typeface in which the text appears is bound to be distorted. Pity the poor designer who struggled to perfect it."
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RE[3]: Another font article...
by nimble on Wed 13th Jan 2010 21:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Another font article..."
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Vista was supposed to be able to use an high-resolution display, does anyone know if MS have achieved it?

Nah, same old 96dpi default with the dpi setting buried somewhere in the control panel and icons and layouts going wonky if you do set it higher. Result: users running their LCDs screens at fuzzy non-native resolutions instead.

There's the "Windows Presentation Foundation" (formerly known as Avalon), which does allow doing things the right way, but of course most programs don't use that yet.

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