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Original OSNews Interviews A few weeks ago, we asked for the OSNews community to help with some questions we were going to ask Aaron Griffin from the Arch Linux team, and the response was glorious and somewhat phenomenal. We added those questions to our own and sent them on over, and then we were surprised by receiving not only Aaron Griffin's responses but answers from various individuals from the team.
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Bleh. Poor interview, bad attitudes.
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 14th Jan 2010 01:04 UTC
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Some of the guys in the interview, especially Thomas B├Ąchler, sounded pretty damn snarky. Which is one of the reasons I never cared for an otherwise interesting distro. Arch sounds good, but damn, don't ask them any questions--you'll just get "read the docs first" or "read them better". And then there's some guys who clearly believe that it does everything 100% perfectly. :|

I'm interested in Arch, but it's their attitudes that keep me away from their distro. Plus, the fact that I usually have some kind of problem, but I don't dare ask at their own forums at risk of being told the equivalent of "RTFA again and f*** off."

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