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Hardware, Embedded Systems Intel has created a web site for its Intelligent Home Energy Management Proof of Concept. In its current incarnation, the device is a beautiful, wall-mounted Atom-based device that allows a homeowner to view and control various home-tech-related displays and dashboards. It's being promoted as primarily a home energy monitoring tool, with real time and historical reports on energy usage. Even the clock feature has an in-line graph displaying current home energy usage. Being a home automation enthusiast, though, I'm more excited about this device's potential as the interface to the home's nerve center.
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I'm not sure that you actually read the link or realize what this is. They've basically created a really pretty centralized control center for the myriad of zigbee[1] sensors and controllers.

Monitoring energy consumption is one usage, but so is centralized security system, lighting, and media control all wrapped into one pretty package. Bonus for the geeks is that it is built ontop of Linux with moblin.


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