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Microsoft Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard today announced a three-year $250 million partnership to simplify IT environments through a wide range of converged hardware, software, and professional services solutions. This is a broad agreement with many components, building on the 25-year Microsoft-HP partnership, which works toward new models for application delivery, hardware architecture, and IT operations. The goal is to deliver the "next generation computing platform" by leading the adoption of cloud computing.
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Wasted Money
by Mapou on Thu 14th Jan 2010 04:28 UTC
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It's sad to see those heavy hitters wasting money on a project that is bound to fail. Now is not the time to build up an infrastructure for cloud computing. The computer industry is in a very serious crisis. The current multicore/multithreading approach to parallel computing is a disaster in the making. Using last century's erroneous Turing Machine-based paradigms to solve this century's massive parallelism problem is pure folly. Intel and AMD know it but will never admit it because they've got too much invested in the old stuff. Too bad. They will lose the coming processor war.

The truth is that the thread concept is the cause of the crisis. There is an infinitely better way to build and program computers that does not involve threads at all. My advice to Microsoft and the other big dogs is this: first invest your resources into solving the parallel programming crisis before attempting to work out cloud computing. Otherwise be prepared to lose a boat load of dough. When that happens, I'll be eating popcorn with a smirk on my face and saying "I told you so".

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