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Hardware, Embedded Systems It's funny how while software changes so fast, and many hardware components evolve at ridiculously fast paces (processors, memory, hard drives), the keyboard has remained largely unchanged over the years - until recently, that is. Even Lenovo has now buckled under the pressure, switching to a chiclet-style keyboard for ThinkPads - while also removing the SysReq key.
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RE: Be careful, Lenovo.
by unavowed on Thu 14th Jan 2010 12:42 UTC in reply to "Be careful, Lenovo."
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I have been buying thinkpads only for myself and have been recommending them to those who asked me for a long time. The major arguments have been hardware with free drivers (mostly) and the keyboard. The keyboards on the thinkpads I've been using have two things going for them: the tactile feel (as opposed to rubbery keys that produce presses in random order when typing fast, as on some other laptops) and, most importantly, the layout. The F1-F12 keys are grouped correctly by 4, the escape key is in the corner isolated from other keys, and the insert/home/del/end/pgup/pgdown keys are in the same three-by-two arrangement as on classic keyboards, also separated from other keys. (prtsc/scrlk/pause are separated too, but I don't use them much). I use page up/page down/home/end a lot, so this layout is important to me. I simply can't stand laptops with these keys spread randomly on the edges of the keyboard, or what's worse, to the right of return, where they're easily hit accidentally. It would indeed be sad if thinkpads changed in this way. Are there any other laptops out there with good keyboards?

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