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Internet & Networking Two days ago, Google dropped a bomb by announcing its intentions to cease censoring its search engine results in China, partly because the search giant claimed that attempts were made to crack the GMial accounts of Chinese human rights activists. The Chinese government has officially replied to these allegations. Update: More on the infrastructure of the attack.
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by v_bobok on Thu 14th Jan 2010 16:51 UTC
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I'm sorry, but all the brave freedom fighters constantly talking about China's political and moral censorship and positioning it as so-called "totalitarian practices". For most of us, their words seems kinda correct and full of meaning.

Then how you will describe the USA's censorship about non-republican/non-democratic movement and so on? Or when it is OK for 19yo girl to stick things in her @-hole and show the scene to over a million of mostly teenage audience through a frikkin webcam? Oh, right! Hey, they have "Parental Controls" in Win/OSX systems and the web browsers which is also can be recognized as sort of parental censorship (but in the local family, not the national web space, obviously).

How else you can call it but not double standards?

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