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Legal A few days ago, technology blog Valleywag's launched its Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt, a sort-of contest in which people with evidence of the existence of Apple's much-rumoured tablet could win large sums of money. Apple apparently wasn't amused, as the company resorted to its usual tactic whenever it doesn't like something in the press: litigation, litigation, litigation.
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RE[2]: Brilliant viral marketing
by poundsmack on Fri 15th Jan 2010 00:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Brilliant viral marketing"
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I wouldnt be suprised if apple teamed up with them to have the letter put out just to go in this big loop. letter, controversy, reaction from apple, etc...

If you want to see the most ingenious marketing ever though, talk to MS. Brilliant at marketing (not including the recent thing with china; wait till google and yahoo say they wont put up with it and then say "oh, well we will stay ;) ")

if you want the perfect example of this kind of marketing follow this link and read my post here:

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