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Legal A few days ago, technology blog Valleywag's launched its Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt, a sort-of contest in which people with evidence of the existence of Apple's much-rumoured tablet could win large sums of money. Apple apparently wasn't amused, as the company resorted to its usual tactic whenever it doesn't like something in the press: litigation, litigation, litigation.
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Control and power
by SlackerJack on Fri 15th Jan 2010 00:46 UTC
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"if you let Valleywag plat with it for an hour"

Don't you mean 'play'? ;)

Anyway. I don't like how Apple control hardware and this is just a prime example of what's to come if they gain big market share.

I don't care what great products Apple produce, I'd rather buy from a company with a bit more sensitivity and openness.

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