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Microsoft Microsoft has no plans to pull out of China, its chief executive said on Thursday, playing down concerns about recent cyber-attacks and censorship raised by rival Google Inc. "There are attacks every day. I don't think there was anything unusual, so I don't understand," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told Reuters after a meeting on modernizing government services at the White House.
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RE[2]: Ballmer is balmy
by markob on Fri 15th Jan 2010 09:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Ballmer is balmy"
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What's funny is - his "I don't understand" statements, while perhaps perfectly valid, really just make him sound stupid and uninformed.

Not trying to bash, but just SOUND stupid? While Gates as CEO was respected by most people (and still is), even by those who dislike Microsoft for any reason, Ballmer is a joke, very unprofessional and has many times shown he has no understanding and knowledge about technology, he's just an over ignorant PR figure doing nothing for Microsof but harm. I was shocked by his statement but at the same time not so shocked as "nothing new" crossed my mind.

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