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Legal A few days ago, technology blog Valleywag's launched its Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt, a sort-of contest in which people with evidence of the existence of Apple's much-rumoured tablet could win large sums of money. Apple apparently wasn't amused, as the company resorted to its usual tactic whenever it doesn't like something in the press: litigation, litigation, litigation.
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RE[5]: Brilliant viral marketing
by Laurence on Fri 15th Jan 2010 10:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Brilliant viral marketing"
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As long as they have enough "apps" coming to iPhone, they don't need (proper) software developers.

(Yes there should be decent apps, but I believe 99% are shovel-ware).

Curious to read that as I've heard people equally speculate that Apple are /more/ interested in "proper" software houses (like games developers) using the iPhone platform than smaller "one man band" types that just build front ends to websites and what not.
(fewer apps but more re-saleable products and less strain on their store and app approvers)

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