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FreeBSD BSDForums interviews FreeBSD Release Engineering Team's Scott Long relating to various aspects of FreeBSD. Topics discussed include FreeBSD general issues, its academic roots, how FreeBSD compares to other BSDs - OpenBSD, NetBSD, and the ongoing debate on FreeBSD vs. Linux. Scott gives us his perspective on the corporate adoption and popularity of FreeBSD. He brings us up to speed on FreeBSD 6.0, its new features and enhancements, including Apple G4 PowerMac, AMD64 and wireless compatibility. Scott also discusses FreeBSD 6.0's upgrade path and release timetable.
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RE: mencoder ffmpeg
by molnarcs on Wed 5th Oct 2005 14:21 UTC in reply to "mencoder ffmpeg"
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Wrong question ... mencoder and ffmpeg (why do you need ffmpeg separately btw? ffmpeg is part of mplayer/mencoder, and it is always up to date) coredumping might have a variety of reasons: bad packaging of your particular distro, buggy (or bad packaging) of supporting libraries, etc... In other words, it is very unlikely that mencoder is buggy on linux in general and works on FreeBSD (in general). It would be rather silly to switch to FreeBSD if mencoder is buggy on your particular linux distribution.

On the other hand, yeah, I use it fairly regurarly on FreeBSD, encoding into a variety of formats: mpeg-4 - either ffmpeg or xvid -, h.264 (with x264) and occasionally mpeg2 - and it works fine, with my encoder settings. Which reminds me: there are so many options to mencoder, that it is easy to find one that won't work, in fact if I remember correctly, there are certain settings that would trigger a coredump mentioned in the man page as well. Also, vob is just a container of mpeg2 streams, so you might have problem with mpeg2 decoding.

One good thing right now about FreeBSD and encoding is that they always have the latest x264 in ports (just checked, I currently have x264-0.0.20051004 installed). Which is a good thing for such a new and fast improving codec ;) - but if you can run ./configure && make && make install on linux, then this is not a good reason to switch either.

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