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Legal A few days ago, technology blog Valleywag's launched its Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt, a sort-of contest in which people with evidence of the existence of Apple's much-rumoured tablet could win large sums of money. Apple apparently wasn't amused, as the company resorted to its usual tactic whenever it doesn't like something in the press: litigation, litigation, litigation.
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I heard a crack pusher recently moved into an apartment you moved out of several years ago; naturally, that must mean your evil and mixed up in illegal drugs right?

I think if you take a moment to look at Apple's current staffing, you'll find that Mr Wozniak has not worked there in quite some time. Your slamming him because of what the company has done since he left? Seriously?

By all means, take issue with how Apple does business but take a few minute to see what Mr Wozniak has been doing since. One has to respect The Woz for still being a hacker (in the truest meaning) and what he's done since then. (I don't see Mr Jobs teaching computing to kids.)

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