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Legal A few days ago, technology blog Valleywag's launched its Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt, a sort-of contest in which people with evidence of the existence of Apple's much-rumoured tablet could win large sums of money. Apple apparently wasn't amused, as the company resorted to its usual tactic whenever it doesn't like something in the press: litigation, litigation, litigation.
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[rant] I don't have a problem with Wozniak - I'm pleased that early Apple recognized the GUI and its potential when Xerox didn't. However, early Apple triumphed by being an on the edge, sail close to the wind company. It now wishes to close the door on others and pretends what it did then was ethical but if someone does the same now it is unethical.

it is transformed itself into the model of respectability but under the surface is an unethical, hypocritical, spiteful company. Give me Google or even Microsoft any-day [/rant]

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