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Hardware, Embedded Systems In an article about the supposed upcoming Apple tablet, Paul Thorrot made a jab at the hype that has developed, arguing that Microsoft was first with its tablet PC initiative in the early 2000s. Daring Fireball's John Gruber disagrees with Thurrot, and claims that Apple's Newton was the first tablet. In rushing to defend their pet companies, I say both are wrong. Apple nor Microsoft have anything to do with the conceptualisation or realisation of the tablet computer.
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Dynabook design
by matako on Fri 15th Jan 2010 20:41 UTC
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What impresses me the most about the Dynabook is its timeless design. The compact package and dimensions (screen and keyboard) would be considered a solid piece of industrial design just about anytime since Mr. Kay introduced the concept circa 1970.

I would actually love to see a device of the exact appearance implemented with the today's technology With a right mix of hardware (nothing over-the-top) and battery autonomy it could be a winner.

Now the software is of course another matter. The idea of a fully customisable, totally transparent user interface and programming environment in one looks a bit hard to achieve with today operating systems. It reminds me more of the home computers of the 1980s - instant power-on and ready to accept commands. That would be probably the hardest nut to crack. Other than that this could as well be the "proper" OLPC ;)

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