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Google A few days ago, Google opened up a YouTube area on its product ideas website, so that people could submit their ideas about how to improve the ubiquitous video website. It turned out it was a bit of a can of worms Google opened there: everything focussed on HTML5 video support.
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Well were I am living the most popular Browser is Firefox 3.5

"This site is best viewed in Netscape Navigator 4.0 and greater"
"Viewable only in Internet Explorer 4.0 or later"

Just include the free codecs and x264 and then no codecs are needed. Web developers use what most people have.

Mighty useful if the most used codec in the video tag turns out to be SuperVideoSoft NextGenSuperVideoCodec(c) available for free (mind you, not Free(tm)) from the SuperVideoSoft website, but not for redistribution.

* Various tech columnists and other people blow a lot of hot air around discussing TEH BEST(tm) codec and also trying to make themselves look smart (kinda like I'm doing right now, but that's beside the point) while others that follow news sources, that these "declarations of smarts" appear in, get headaches and need to get drunk to remedy it.

Knock yourself out!
Oh I will, believe me, but this doesn't remedy the situation a bit.

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