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Hardware, Embedded Systems It's funny how while software changes so fast, and many hardware components evolve at ridiculously fast paces (processors, memory, hard drives), the keyboard has remained largely unchanged over the years - until recently, that is. Even Lenovo has now buckled under the pressure, switching to a chiclet-style keyboard for ThinkPads - while also removing the SysReq key.
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I don't get it.
by deathshadow on Sat 16th Jan 2010 23:49 UTC
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This whole 'return of the chiclet keyboard' bullcookies... What the ****?

They SUCKED on the Trash-80 Coco, MC-10 and Videotex, they SUCKED on the Spectrum, they SUCKED on the PET, they SUCKED on the Laser, they SUCKED on the PC Jr... and I guarantee if that FLIMSY pile of aluminum had a microsoft logo on it instead of "the big shiny Apple" everybody would be pissing on it from orbit. Hell, first time I tried the Apple one I broke the **** thing... Ok, second time I tried one I broke that too.

But again, I wonder just what the **** is in the Apple kool aid (and why I'm immune to it). I've tried that overpriced rubbish and I really have to wonder what the **** people are on about with it.

But what do I know - I'm the guy who would kill for a modern laptop built around a buckler spring keyboard ala the Model M instead of the rinky no-travel piles of crap they have today. **** the weight, these little girly-man pansies dragging out the scale to find out how many OUNCES their laptops are need to spend a few years shlepping around a Trash-80 Model 4P or a H-168... Hell, I bet these wussies would cry at the weight of Model 100.

The true laugh of it is these cheap no-travel no-feedback piles of crap are made ENTIRELY because they are cheap, not because they are good - somehow we've gotten away from that perception and damned if I can figure out WHY?!?

Give me Model M, or give me death.

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