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Legal Ah, a lovely bit of news that to help us start the weekend off with positive thoughts! A UK jury has unanimously acquitted Alan Ellis, founder and administrator of the invitation-only OiNK music bittorrent tracker. This means that his 2 year-long trial has finally come to an end - there's no more room for appeal.
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RE[5]: Oink, oink
by quackalist on Sun 17th Jan 2010 04:45 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Oink, oink"
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You seem to have a rather simplistic view on what Property is. Certainly it's not a God given right, whatever you might think it is, and I can't remember anyone asking me if I, or anyone other then corporations, agreed with the endless extension of copyright or anything else relating to the production and reproduction of music.

You may trot out Artists rights but they also come well down the totem pole too.

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