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Legal Just when you thought the legal battle between Nokia and Apple couldn't get any more convoluted, Apple has filed its own complaint with the US International Trade Commission, seeking to have Nokia's products banned from the US market because they infringe on Apple's patents.
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Apple does not produce hardware (chips,screens etc) but they buy them instead. These manufacturers already pay for the patents Nokia have. It looks to me that Nokia is trying to double charge here the patent tax. I really don't think Nokia is the good guy here. Not like Apple would be the good guy but what is fair,is fair.

I don't know what patents are involved, and what is there license but i am shure that:
1) there are some software patents
2) there can be patents not covering chips but how they are conected and controled
3) there can be license that apply to the integrator
4) foxcon, the producer of the phone, does not have any license for these patents (some chip providers might have, but not all Nokia patents are coverd)

Also, I understood that Nokia does not ask for money, but a patent agreement: you are free to use my patents and I am free to use your patents

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