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ReactOS The ReactOS project aims to be an open source Windows NT-compatible operating system which can run Windows applications and utilise Windows drivers. Obviously, this is quite a daunting task, and as such, progress has been relatively slow. As a result, project coordinator and kernel developer Aleksey Bragin has proposed a rather drastic solution.
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by jgagnon on Mon 18th Jan 2010 17:19 UTC
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I'm still trying to wrap my brain around what the ReactOS team's idea of "success" is. Windows, in its various flavors, is a good enough Windows, so why even go that direction? Improving on it ("a better Windows than Windows") just makes it less compatible so again, what would be the point? They can't possibly put as many resources into it as Microsoft does so they will always be behind. I truly commend their efforts, I just don't understand what their desired end result is in the grand scheme of things. It is unlikely that many developers will target ReactOS specifically as a platform.

I think the switch to WINE for the Win32 layer is likely the best move they can make from a resource perspective. In the end, most users doesn't really care HOW the compatibility is attained, they just want it there, easy to manage, and fast enough to make more sense than dual booting another OS. If the WINE group and the ReactOS group gain from combined efforts then everybody wins.

I still can't help but feeling that ReactOS would have made a lot more sense 10 years ago and is pretty much irrelevant today. ;)

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