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ReactOS The ReactOS project aims to be an open source Windows NT-compatible operating system which can run Windows applications and utilise Windows drivers. Obviously, this is quite a daunting task, and as such, progress has been relatively slow. As a result, project coordinator and kernel developer Aleksey Bragin has proposed a rather drastic solution.
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RE: Hmmm
by Laurence on Mon 18th Jan 2010 17:53 UTC in reply to "Hmmm"
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I still can't help but feeling that ReactOS would have made a lot more sense 10 years ago and is pretty much irrelevant today.

Actually I think it makes more sense today than ever.

As Windows is an OS with an ever increasing footprint and support for legacy versions are being dropped - it might prove useful to have a compact system that will run the old Win32 apps reliably when you just need something simple because a 10+ year old business critical application was never upgraded to run on newer OSs.
(eg I keep hearing horror stories about offices with a stray Win95 desktop because they need software xyz which didn't support XP).

Nobody can expect Microsoft to maintain complete backwards compatibility (some argue that their attempts at such is half the problem with Windows of present) nor to keep supporting old OSs indefinitely because a lazy developer / cheapskate company never thought about future-proofing.

So the answer might turn out to be ReactOS.

Closer to home, I've found another use for this OS. I'm currently playing around to see how viable it is as a virtual server for a Windows only application.
I'm doing this partly to be bloody minded (I can so I will), and partly because I don't want to pay for a Windows license just to run one application when I know it already runs perfectly under WINE.

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