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Internet Explorer Ah, the security vulnerability that was used in the Google attack. It's been around the internet about a million times now, and even governments have started advising people to move away from Internet Explorer. As is usually the case, however, the internet has really blown the vulnerability out of proportion. I'll get right to it: if your machine and/or network has been compromised via this vulnerability, then you most likely had it coming. No sympathy for you.
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RE[3]: Is this accurate?
by kragil on Tue 19th Jan 2010 03:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Is this accurate?"
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A Vista machine _might_ not do much, but XP has no protected mode and will do whatever the exploit wants.

But once you have native code running finding another bug somewhere or use another unpatched flaw is just another small step. Most black hats have multiple options at that point.

Just like DEP only really works on new CPUs. Athlon XPs and P4s etc are out of luck.

Anyways, IE8 is still kinda new and the majority of XP users still use IE6 (like the whole of China) or IE7 and they are right now all f--ked. So it is still the majority of Windows users overall and with each passing day it is likely to get worse.

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