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Hardware, Embedded Systems ACM's latest journal had an interesting article about RAID which suggested it might be time for triple parity raid. "How much longer will current RAID techniques persevere? The RAID levels were codified in the late 1980s; double-parity RAID, known as RAID-6, is the current standard for high-availability, space-efficient storage. The incredible growth of hard-drive capacities, however, could impose serious limitations on the reliability even of RAID-6 systems. Recent trends in hard drives show that triple-parity RAID must soon become pervasive."
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by gilboa on Tue 19th Jan 2010 08:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: RAID Z"
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RAID is not a standard either. What does userbase have to do with anything? Same could be said about linux/BSD/windows whatever... "not everyone uses it"

As I said in another post, if I can take a soft-RAID5 array (E.g. on-board controllers) that was built under Windows and move it to Linux and back, its standard.

You can use RAID in your solaris root partition, and then manage extra partitions and their redundancy via ZFS, and yes with triple parity even. If you are putting many TB's of data in your root partition, you deserve what you get.

Option A:
Hardware RAID7.
A. Cross platform support.
B. Battery backup for write cache.
C. Hugh cache.
D. Full triple parity for world + dog: boot sector, boot partition, OS, data, etc.

Option B:
A. Works under OpenSolaris, and to a less extent, FreeBSD. (And no, FUSE/Linux is not an option)
B. No write cache.
C. Triple parity for data only.

What the heck do patents have to do with triple parity?

Gee, why can't I use ZFS on my Linux severs?
Wait a minute, let me think...
CDDL... Not being able to reverse engineer a GPL'ed version of ZFS under Linux due to patents...

No idea. Really. None.

I think you just had an anti-solaris narrative and decided discussing triple-parity was a good place to dump it...

God I hate fanboys.
I've been using Solaris since the mid ~98. You? *

- Gilboa
* I know that in your fanboyish eyes, anyone that doesn't share your view that ZFS is the best thing since sliced bread, is either stupid or has something personal against Solaris, but when you grow up, you'll understand that some people might have other priorities other than "Oh look! Shiny!" - E.g. not being tied to a certain platform or problems with OpenSolaris' support model that makes it irrelevant for mass production deployment. (And no, we are not turning this thread to a flame war...)

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