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BeOS & Derivatives And now we're ready to start picking the fruits of Qt being available on Haiku. We reported on the completion of the Qt port to Haiku on January 1, 2010, and now we already have KOffice running on the open source recreation of the BeOS. A modern office suite for Haiku!
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Comment by stanbr
by stanbr on Tue 19th Jan 2010 09:44 UTC
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Thats great news, but that also makes me kinda worried.

Haiku team, PLEASE, keep things simple. One of the great things in haiku is that there is not 200 different ways to do the same thing. Like in linux, where we have 1000 different window managers, libs, etc. I'm not saying its a bad thing (I'm a linux and open solaris user) but if Haiku wants to hit the end user, I think it's really important to keep it simple.

Porting QT might be a good thing, but then, we have two graphic libs. This should be agnostic to the end user, the UI must be consistent so that the end user can't see the difference.

Also, I don't like the idea of TiltOS. Is this a fork or what? Do you guys plan to merge with haiku? Haiku is not even finished and there is already a fork?..

What I'm trying to say is I really like Haiku, but I think they might be moving too close to a linux-like OS, and in these case, they will have no chance to survive. So, in my opinion, they should keep things simple. For instance, installing k-office should be as easy as installing any other system. Sure, they just released it, it's not finished, so it's ok to be a little hacky to install it, but I really hope they are working hard to integrate things.

And if they are moving to a package system (box) then everything should be there, and not only qt ported things.

Keep in mind I'm just saying this things because I really care about this project! Haiku is a great OS.

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