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Internet Explorer Ah, the security vulnerability that was used in the Google attack. It's been around the internet about a million times now, and even governments have started advising people to move away from Internet Explorer. As is usually the case, however, the internet has really blown the vulnerability out of proportion. I'll get right to it: if your machine and/or network has been compromised via this vulnerability, then you most likely had it coming. No sympathy for you.
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How is this for double-speak?
by lemur2 on Tue 19th Jan 2010 10:32 UTC
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although the vulnerability has only been used against IE6, the company has not ruled out that something similar could be used against the later versions.

OK, so Microsoft admit there is a vulnerability, and that a better exploit may possibly be used against other versions of Windows and IE.

Then they say this:
With Microsoft not prepared to give details of how soon a fix will be released, and advising people to leave the appalling IE6 and its successor for the latest version – IE8 – Microsoft's UK security chief Cliff Evans insists that a non-Microsoft browser is the worse option.

Say whaaat?

Translation: "Our older code is rubbish, but our newer stuff, which BTW you will have to pay all over again for, and which has exactly the same vulnerability, is way better. Seriously. No, really. Don't use the other guy's stuff which isn't known to be broken, because we say it might be."

Windows with IE has an unpatched, well-publicised, 0day, remote code execution vulnerability, common across all versions of Microsoft's OS and browser, they can't say when they will have a fix ... and yet they want people to believe that a non-Microsoft browser is worse?

ROFLMAO at Microsoft. They only prize they win for this one is "The Chutzpah Award".

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