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Hardware, Embedded Systems ACM's latest journal had an interesting article about RAID which suggested it might be time for triple parity raid. "How much longer will current RAID techniques persevere? The RAID levels were codified in the late 1980s; double-parity RAID, known as RAID-6, is the current standard for high-availability, space-efficient storage. The incredible growth of hard-drive capacities, however, could impose serious limitations on the reliability even of RAID-6 systems. Recent trends in hard drives show that triple-parity RAID must soon become pervasive."
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by dvzt on Tue 19th Jan 2010 11:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: RAID Z"
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My god, you are a deluxe troll.

"As far as I remember, OpenSolaris' modified grub cannot boot from ZFS RAID."

False. OpenSolaris and Solaris 10 have the ability to boot from mirrored ZFS pool for ages.

"I can use a on-board RAID5 controller (read: soft-RAID) built array and move it from Windows to Linux and back..."

I can't imagine how you can possibly try to compare HW and SW based RAID. Anyway, I can import my zpool on Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux/FUSE and OSX. With Linux's LVM or md-based RAID - no luck. I also can control onboard RAID controller from Solaris with raidctl command.

"'s a standard."

Wow, Linux fanboy talks about standards. You might want to talk about when will Linux be POSIX compliant or when will it finally get standards-compatible NFS4 implementation? So far, Linux is ignoring standards whenever possible.

"... And yet, its still irrelevant for the rest of the world."

Even if that was true, I don't understand why people like you have the need to bash (Open)Solaris. You don't like it - don't use it.

"Gee, why can't I use ZFS on my Linux severs?"

Because GPL fascists made the license to mandate it. Why do OpenSolaris and FreeBSD exchange code both ways, but Linux can not?

What I don't understand is, why under any Solaris or ZFS related post has to be some BS like this. You are upset that there is technically superior OS to Linux, go hack the kernel all day, go petition Linus for stable API/ABI or do something meaningful. I certainly don't comment on every Linux-related post about what a pile of crap it is, although I could.

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