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ReactOS The ReactOS project aims to be an open source Windows NT-compatible operating system which can run Windows applications and utilise Windows drivers. Obviously, this is quite a daunting task, and as such, progress has been relatively slow. As a result, project coordinator and kernel developer Aleksey Bragin has proposed a rather drastic solution.
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For all of you asking why. It is simple.
by Sabon on Tue 19th Jan 2010 15:50 UTC
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For all of you asking why. It is simple.

In the United States (and probably elsewhere) there is an ice cream chain called Baskin-Robbins which has 31 or 32 flavors of ice cream.

People want choices. YOUR choice of "ice-cream" is not necessarily THEIR choice of "ice-cream".

"But their choice isn't popular enough. It should be discarded."

Let's turn it around. What if YOUR choice wasn't "popular enough" and should be discarded. How would you feel then?

31 or 32 choices of operating systems is/are not too many as long as there are people to create and maintain them. If you don't like this attitude, please stop going to a site called, "OSNews" because it is all about News about Operating Systems.

It's not News about Operating Systems that only you care about. It's about ALL the operating systems that ANYONE cares about.

Again. If you don't like it, don't come back anymore. If you do like it, keep coming back and join in with any group that you have anything POSITIVE to contribute.

Thanks. Now you can return back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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