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Internet Explorer Ah, the security vulnerability that was used in the Google attack. It's been around the internet about a million times now, and even governments have started advising people to move away from Internet Explorer. As is usually the case, however, the internet has really blown the vulnerability out of proportion. I'll get right to it: if your machine and/or network has been compromised via this vulnerability, then you most likely had it coming. No sympathy for you.
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A retail company with a widely known problem in an older product is suggesting people move to a newer product from there own line while using the same marketing scare tactics they've always employed against competitive products; this has to be the first time in history such a thing has ever happened.

Really, your surprised that the MS recommendation involves the newest browser on the newest OS platform they provide.

The browser part is obvious, they have put effort into security during design of IE7 and IE8. They are actively discouraging IE6 and preferring IE8 become most popular. I wouldn't want to support three versions of the same program either.

The os recommendation has the obvious angle of pushing for another sales unit. Win7 also has security features missing from winXP; there is some technical basis for recommending it to maximize user protection if your sticking with an all MS stack.

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