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Internet Explorer Ah, the security vulnerability that was used in the Google attack. It's been around the internet about a million times now, and even governments have started advising people to move away from Internet Explorer. As is usually the case, however, the internet has really blown the vulnerability out of proportion. I'll get right to it: if your machine and/or network has been compromised via this vulnerability, then you most likely had it coming. No sympathy for you.
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RE: How is this for double-speak?
by deathshadow on Tue 19th Jan 2010 19:10 UTC in reply to "How is this for double-speak?"
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Not to go all medieval on yer tuchas Samuel L. Jackson style, but Englisc, modor wyrter! Gedon eow cweþan hit!?! (and yes that was english, just a few CENTURIES out of date)

Seriously, how the blue blazes do you get THIS:

Translation: "Our older code is rubbish, but our newer stuff, which BTW you will have to pay all over again for, and which has exactly the same vulnerability, is way better. Seriously. No, really. Don't use the other guy's stuff which isn't known to be broken, because we say it might be."

from this:

With Microsoft not prepared to give details of how soon a fix will be released, and advising people to leave the appalling IE6 and its successor for the latest version – IE8 – Microsoft's UK security chief Cliff Evans insists that a non-Microsoft browser is the worse option.

Given that the vulnerability does not exist on IE8, the upgrade to IE8 and windows upgrades to remove the vulnerability is FREE if you are on a OS made less than a decade ago, etc, etc...

The only part that needs to be taken to task is the 'non-microsoft browser' part - since we all know it's bullshit and IE is basically playing russian roulette with your computer.

But the entire rest of your post reads like that free*** anti-corporation reality distortion field has really gotten you in it's grip; interpreting the exact opposite of everything said.

Next you'll be telling me there are less IE users today than there were five years ago because you believe the lie of 'share'.

2009 - 62.5% of 1.7 billion is 1062 million IE users
2005 - 90% of 1 billion is 942 million IE users

So while IE lost market share, it gained 120 million users. Percentages can lie - in fact they mean jack **** if the size of the sample pool changes, or you don't poll the exact same people every time, or if firefox is double counted due to prefetch, or if Opera is mis-counted thanks to the use of masking to get around faulty browser sniffing...

Don't blindly believe the outright lies and propaganda spewed forth by groups like the FSF. They use fact omission (card stacking) as proof, random user comments on slashdot as if they are legitimate sources, and at times outright lies to push their socialist agenda that has little to nothing to do with what freedom means.

I blogged about that too.

... and it's SO obvious if you know ANYTHING about marketing and propaganda - they use cult-like indoctrination and misinformation; Any second I expect the Church of Stallman followers to don purple robes and eat the poisoned yogurt so the aliens from Haley's comet will take them to heaven.

-- edit -- oh wait, even that would make more sense than most of the claims of it's die hard fanbase.

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