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BeOS & Derivatives And now we're ready to start picking the fruits of Qt being available on Haiku. We reported on the completion of the Qt port to Haiku on January 1, 2010, and now we already have KOffice running on the open source recreation of the BeOS. A modern office suite for Haiku!
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RE: Comment by stanbr
by cipri on Wed 20th Jan 2010 08:31 UTC in reply to "Comment by stanbr"
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PLEASE, keep things simple

things, can't be always simple, and they also should not be simple. But I agree that the result must "look" simple. E.g., to hide the complexity.

Qt4 is not yet fully ported, but it already feels quite responsive, perhaps even more responsive than on linux. I tried the latest Arora browser on Haiku and it impressed my how hast and how good it already works. I think that it could be worth, to include qt in the haiku-base and to have Arora pre-installed, just because it works so nicely.

And I really hope, that LyX ( will also be ported to haiku, and also QtOctave (octave already runs on haiku, so I think qtoctave could be ported with not too much pain).

many thanks to the devs that ported qt4 to haiku.

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