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Apple Now this is material that piques my interest more than anything: insights from one of the bigger names in the industry. Jean-Louis Gassee debunks the "Apple-must-license-its-software-or-die" myth by looking back upon the past - and if you don't know who JLG is, then please take that dunce hat and stand in the corner for three hours, contemplating your existence. Note: OSNews has a bug with using diacritic marks on the front page, so JLG's name is misspelled. It is correctly spelled in the article body.
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The point in licensing
by dquadros on Wed 20th Jan 2010 17:38 UTC
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Is (potentially) to broaden the offer. As different makers offer different machines, more markets are addressed. At its high Palm tried that with PalmOS. For a moment it worked, with Palm, Handspring and Sony offering products with good differentiations.

Apple had a hard time in the 80's and 90's due to a lot of bad decisions. Apple III was the first one. Developing the Mac at the expense of the Apple II was another. Having underpowered hardware with high prices made Windows machines look really good.

At this moment it makes no sense for Apple to license its OSes. They have sexy machines and people are lining up just to hear product announcements!

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