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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox has just turned five, and it's doubtful anybody outside of Redmond begrudges Mozilla's celebrations. The open-source browser now accounts for 25% of the global market, according to figures from Net Applications, and has brought a radical rethink in what we expect from a browser. However, as Mozilla blows out the birthday cake candles, it might also be reflecting on the curse of getting what you wish for. Its success has forced rivals to raise their game, and the past two years have seen Microsoft, Apple and Opera close the features gap significantly."
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How come everyone connects Google's main income with ads? Are there ads attached to anything google offers for free? Some search results on don't even have ads. Search for "osnews" and see what comes up on the right hand side. What ads are there specifically tied to the chrome broswer? Android? Google Desktop? Google Earth? Picasa? Have you ever clicked a google ad? Can you remember the pitch of the last ad you glanced at in GMail?

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