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Apple Now this is material that piques my interest more than anything: insights from one of the bigger names in the industry. Jean-Louis Gassee debunks the "Apple-must-license-its-software-or-die" myth by looking back upon the past - and if you don't know who JLG is, then please take that dunce hat and stand in the corner for three hours, contemplating your existence. Note: OSNews has a bug with using diacritic marks on the front page, so JLG's name is misspelled. It is correctly spelled in the article body.
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RE[5]: LOL Gasse..
by memson on Thu 21st Jan 2010 12:26 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: LOL Gasse.."
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"it even had an awful TCP stack right when the internet was taking off and they were trying to position the OS as a web appliance. LOL

The R5 stack was indeed a mess, but they had a new stack ready, which can be seen at work in dan0 and Zeta. It's miles better than the R5 one.

Okay.. firstly.. my BIGGEST BeOS related pet hate: there was never a release of BeOS, neither public or leaked, called "Dan0". The "R5.1" release name was "Dano0" which if you look at R5 release numbers matches the R5.0 release, "maui0". The only reference I have ever seen to Dan0 in BeOS related stuff, was that one of the PRIVATE beta updates to R5 (OpenGL I beleive) changes the release name string to "Dan0". However, this was a service pack, NOT an OS release. </rant>

The net_server wasn't all bad. The issue with it lay more in the assumption by many that it should be Kernel mode (and the fact that anything that needed access kernel level services as well as the GUI had a nasty hack stub app to work and this often proved flaky as heck - e.g. WON.)

Most flack came from the fact that it wasn't a perfect clone of the BSD Sockets style interface, which made porting apps that relied on more UNIX/POSIX/BSD Sockets type functionality almost a Herculean task. The PowerPC never saw a public release of a working BONE, so we still have net_server, and it works just fine, thanks ;-) Also, all of the BeIA R1.0 (and pre-release) images I have seen still use the net_server.. I think it was a 2.0 image that I saw that was the first to have BONE.

BONE was good, but it still contained a whole heap of bugs. I saw it get better in Dano0/R5.1 release and Zeta seemed to use it pretty successfully, but it was still not perfect.

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