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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox has just turned five, and it's doubtful anybody outside of Redmond begrudges Mozilla's celebrations. The open-source browser now accounts for 25% of the global market, according to figures from Net Applications, and has brought a radical rethink in what we expect from a browser. However, as Mozilla blows out the birthday cake candles, it might also be reflecting on the curse of getting what you wish for. Its success has forced rivals to raise their game, and the past two years have seen Microsoft, Apple and Opera close the features gap significantly."
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Multiple browser FUD
by _xmv on Thu 21st Jan 2010 17:31 UTC
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I'd like to point out a few things:

- Mozilla (Firefox) is the only "company" that is doing a browser FOR the users and thus for the good of all of us. Even if the browser wasn't as good, it should be one of the first choice for this reason: our future.

* its an organization, not a corporation

* browse their main page: "We believe that the internet should be public, open and accessible." and they actually believe so

- Per tab process is a BAD idea. You've seen chrome slides, great, and then? The only thing that should be per process are PLUGINS, as they're the external code that may crash without the browser being able to do anything about it.

* per plugin process only reload the plugin container, not whole page

* threaded browser uses a lot less memory (see how firefox uses way less memory than chrome)

* threaded browser is faster due to faster communication (chrome has some advantage in speed that have nothing to do with "per process". See how quick Safari with webkit has always been. Firefox has to speed up this area and multiprocess will change nothing to it.

I'll just conclude with that:
competition is good, zealotrie is not. zealots are blindly opening the gates to a darker future in many areas, not just software browsers (which aren't all that important afterall).

Wake up. Don't be a zealot.

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