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Apple It's the most hyped device of the moment, a device that nobody has laid eyes on without an NDA death-grip. While rumour and speculation escalate (sometimes giving way to apathy), little has leaked out of Cupertino. But nobody seems to be asking whether this tablet thing will be successful or not.
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I think it's a bit hard...
by thavith_osn on Thu 21st Jan 2010 23:47 UTC
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This is how I see it, based mainly on a lot of reading, but also some personal thoughts thrown in...

There will be two versions of it, a normal version and pro (which will have a nicer OLED screen and more memory).

You won't be able to attach a keyboard or mouse to it.
You won't be able to replace the battery
You won't be able to upgrade the memory

You will see a much improved iPhone UI
You will see a host of apps already for it (Apple and 3rd)
You will see a new XCode and IB for it
You will see a camera on the front for video conferencing etc...
You will see a much "richer" video editing app than the iPhone 3GS
You will most likely see iLife ported to this (certainly iTunes)
You will most likely see iWorks ported to this
You will most likely see a freehand painting application (it will be amazing)
You will see multitasking
You will see a much bigger AppStore (basically expanded to get subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, books, video, music etc.)
I'm wondering if iTunes will be integrated with this App Store, one place for everything, I guess it already is...
It will have portrait and landscape modes (der, but had to be said)
You will be able to hook it up to an external monitor/TV

It will make the current crop of tablets seems 20 years old...

It won't make your life any better, it won't save your marriage or cure cancer, nor will it tell us if God exists or nothing began everything, it won't stop you paying tax (though it might help you pay it)...

It might simplify your life a little or complicate it a lot...

The original versions will have faults, be overpriced (< $1000 for the "normal" version, "pro" version will be < $1500) and for some reason, irresistible.

The revolution will be streamed...

One last thing...
I think that Apple will transition it's desktop OS to this iPhone style UI over the next couple of years. If this is the case, it could be right up there with the change the Mac UI made in 84...
I think the iTablet (iPad/iSlate/iThingy) will be the way to get the UI right and see if people like it.

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