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Google Only a few days ago, we discussed the most popular YouTube feature request: HTML5 video support. Apparently, a lot of people want a version of YouTube that doesn't depend on Flash (me being one of them), and now Google has honoured their request with the HTML5 YouTube beta. Sadly, video quality needs a lot of work, and in spite of the original feature request, it's using h264 instead of Theora.
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RE: Open Web Content
by larwilliams2 on Fri 22nd Jan 2010 00:36 UTC in reply to "Open Web Content"
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I agree with you that it is very disappointing to see Google--which is normally quite good at promoting open standards--pushing a patent-encumbered codec when there are non-patented and documented alternatives that even have free implementations available (e.g. Ogg Theora).

As a member of an online content provider yourself, hopefully you can help to steer OSNews to provide all of its content (including audio and video) in open, patent-free formats so that all readers of OSNews can access it on a level playing field.

One such area of improvement would be to offer the OSNews podcasts in an open format instead of only MP3 since MP3--like H264--is a patented file format.

Yea, because being open is more important than using the best format overall. Sorry, but Theora is crap compared to h264, and MP3 is the only universal format that can be played almost anywhere.

I don't agree that everything should be proprietary, but (in this case) the better formats won.

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