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Apple It's the most hyped device of the moment, a device that nobody has laid eyes on without an NDA death-grip. While rumour and speculation escalate (sometimes giving way to apathy), little has leaked out of Cupertino. But nobody seems to be asking whether this tablet thing will be successful or not.
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Cut/copy-paste is trivial now?
by BallmerKnowsBest on Fri 22nd Jan 2010 03:24 UTC
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Look at the fuss they made over minor missing iPhone features, because they once cut & pasted something on their WinMo or Symbian phone. The tablet is a gift.

In other words, you've never used your phone for contact or calendar management. Noted.

The (implied) spin is hilarious, though: people didn't criticize the lack of cut-copy-paste because it's incredibly useful feature that has been standard on every other smartphone OS ever made, nosiree. If you consider it to be a basic, essential feature, then you're OBVIOUSLY just biased against Apple.

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