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Microsoft Microsoft has rejected porting its Office productivity suite to Linux anytime soon, despite the growing popularity of open source on the desktop. Speaking at the LinuxWorld conference in London on Wednesday, Microsoft's head of platform strategy, Nick McGrath, said that the software maker had no intention of porting Office to any of the Linux desktop distributions.
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So Why?
by shotsman on Wed 5th Oct 2005 18:09 UTC
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Why was this Microsoft Drone speaking at a Linux Conference if he was not going to say anything new?

Microsoft are well known for their attitude to Linux. Ok, I can understand him visiting the show but actually speaking? Strange indeed.

I was at the show today and found it pretty poor. IBM weren't there and HP was pushing Linux very hard especially via their "partners". Other companies were a bit more Laid Back. Alan Cox was on the Red Hat stand ensuring that all the suits were very out of place.
Dell wouldn't say if their "No Windows" desktops were going to be sold in the UK.
Lots of stands promoting Debian & Ubuntu and quite a few with embedded hardware. But overall it was not a very inspiring event and left after an hour or so. On a very un PC note, the Rackspace Ladies did brighten the place up considerably.

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