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Apple It's the most hyped device of the moment, a device that nobody has laid eyes on without an NDA death-grip. While rumour and speculation escalate (sometimes giving way to apathy), little has leaked out of Cupertino. But nobody seems to be asking whether this tablet thing will be successful or not.
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by boldingd on Fri 22nd Jan 2010 17:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: How..."
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Yeah, I know it's unrealistic. That's kinda my point: this is a device that's pretty much only useful during the five minutes a day that I'm sitting on the toilet. I'm not paying even $200 for a device that I'll use all of five minutes a day. Especially not while my paper magazine subscriptions are still supported -- archaic tech tho they are!

That's even part of the point of the article! Just creating a really neat piece of tech isn't enough: they have to make it cheap enough that people who will only use it for half an hour a day or less will be willing to pay for it! Edit: and I highly doubt they can, because that price point is probably a lot lower than what it'll cost Apple to make the device.

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